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Chaffin Butte Ranch consists of 950 acres. The roads and driveways are paved and all utilities are underground. There are a limited number of home site on the entire ranch. Most home sites are on twenty acre parcels.This is an upscale community with strong covenants, protecting the environment and the view avenues and privacy of all residents.

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All of the homes are single story homes that blend into the environment, designed for little or no maintenance. The natural surroundings of each home are protected through dedicated conservation areas. The views of each home are protected through the Architectural Control Committee's location of each home site, approximately one/eighth of a mile apart. There are numerous dedicated hiking trails throughout the ranch for the property owners to enjoy.

There are strong covenants regarding light pollution so that the night sky will remain bright and clear. Panoramic views, privacy, environmental protection, quality of life and preservation of open space are the main objectives of the Chaffin Butte Ranch community.